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Hey there! I'm Theresa Kish and I'm super excited you made it to my page! Whether you stumbled across it or happened to look me up, I'm glad you're here!

Most days you can find me helping care for animals at my other job, loving on my 3 beautiful children while we hang out at our favorite store-Hobby Lobby or exploring nature at the Metroparks with our awesome 11 yr old Pit Bull, and of course lavishing in everything lavender scented!

I'm a wife to a very supportive husband who has pushed me to come this far, a proud Mama, an animal activist/rescuer, an ocean, waves and salt in my hair kind of girl, and I'm always excited over anything and everything vegetarian! I am also a specialist dealing with the consumption of Oreos on a daily basis...especially after the kiddos fall asleep :)

I am also a professional photographer who strives in connecting emotions to images. I enjoy going above and beyond for my clients so we can all achieve the exact memories you want captured all while creating breathtaking images for you to adore for life.

I specialize in maternity, newborn, child, family, senior, pet, and engagement photography. My photography style is relaxed-semi posed-but mostly lifestyle. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your session and I will make sure everything is just how you would want. I encourage laughter and of course, big smiles all while you are living in the moment that I am photographing.  I offer newborn sessions posed but it's more of a relaxed/natural pose. All newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your own home. I bring a studio style set up/props/backdrops to you so you don't have to take your precious baby outside or push yourself through recovery to make sure you get those first pictures done within a time frame. I feel new parents should feel comfortable and everything you need is at home anyways. I offer maternity, milestone sessions (3,6,9,12 months),family, senior, engagement, and pet sessions outdoors or in your own home, as well. Each session is hand edited within the week and a custom USB drive is mailed to you so you can print your images where you please. I only do a few sessions a month so I can guarantee the editing and arrival of the USB drive for every client in a timely manner. I understand the crazy excitement we feel while waiting on seeing all of the pictures! I've definitely been there!

 We always hear that life is so short but have you really thought about how quickly time passes us by? How quick lifetime moments with your babies, children, family,  and pets are here one second and those little babies have grown in the next second? I sure do! Looking back at my own children's pictures makes me sad that they have grown so fast yet so incredibly happy to have witnessed those very moments and to also have captured them to look back on for life. That's what I want to do for you. I want to capture those every day memories that we can recall but don't always have a picture to go with. I want to know your story and watch it as I photograph your family. The biggest reward in my life is getting that picture that makes your heart melt and I promise to deliver just that.

I can't describe the many emotions I feel after a shoot when I first go through all the pictures. When you were just living in the moment and I caught the exact time where love, happiness, and silliness all came together to create an image of pure love. That second your newborn decided to warm everyone's heart in the room and smile that sweet smile. The tiny fingers, toes, and eyelashes that all grow much too quickly. Your baby/child that grew in a blink of an eye, whose own eyes can tell a story all about the happiness they have created all around them. That story they want so badly to share. The "built to love" family that you established all on your own. Our pets that came into our lives, opened our hearts to love like you never knew you could love,and left so many memorable paw prints on our hearts. The love between two people that will become so much more when the day comes that they say "I Do". THOSE are the moments and the memories you want to cherish for years and years to come. Let me help to photograph those amazing moments for you to adore for life!